Island of Lampedusa

Three days into its time on the island of Lampedusa, the Sea Watch project’s feet seemingly haven’t touched the ground! But the welcome it has received has been nothing short of supportive. It is therefore important to note at this early stage how hugely grateful the Organisation is to the residents of Lampedusa and the various officials with whom it has thus far met for both their understanding attitude and warm, accommodating nature. Often peoples’ perceptions can distort the realities of a situation and Lampedusa is not the resistant place it is portrayed to be in the international media. Rather there is a very sympathetic attitude to the issue of migration in the Mediterranean and it is testament to the inhabitants of the island and the round-the-clock work of the Italian rescue authorities that migrants lives are being saved at the rate they are.

With the Sea Watch vessel now at the Port of Carboneras, in the next 10 days or so we expect her arrival in Lampedusa. Furthermore, the land based team has commenced its journey from Germany and over the coming days and weeks will be arriving in number.

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