Preparation for Sea-Watch’s first operational patrol

As part of the preparation for the Sea Watch’s first operational patrol, scheduled to commence this coming weekend, the crew have been hard at work. Engineering and electrical works, installation of a mechanical winch and the relocation of the vessel’s satellite antenna are just some of the jobs on board that have taken place. Procedurally, the crew have also been honing their skills in readiness for the various rescue scenarios they may face as part of their patrols in the Mediterranean. Rehearsals involving the deployment of the on board fast boat and ‘man overboard’ procedures went particularly well with the crew demonstrating its obvious competence in these fields of safety of life at sea.

No intercepted migrant vessels have arrived in Lampedusa in the past week. Sea conditions have been particularly rough limiting all nautical activity on the island to the harbour. However, fairer sea conditions are expected in the coming days in time for the vessel’s first patrol.


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