A reported vessel in distress

After commencing her maiden patrol at 1900L on Saturday evening the Sea Watch vessel is now making its way to a reported vessel in distress approximately 30NM off the Libyan coast. We expect to arrive on scene at 1930L. The distress vessel reports 150 persons on board and engine failure. A commercial vessel is apparently already on scene whilst the Sea Watch has offered its medics to assist if necessary.

Another vessel also reported being in distress. This vessel is further east and too far for the Sea Watch to assist. A reported 200 persons on board and 4 reported deaths. The Norwegian rescue vessel SIEM PILOT is apparently making its way from Lampedusa to the distress vessel.

After a night of calm seas, Mistral winds have seemingly caught the migrant boats in distress out. Indeed, the Sea Watch is also feeling the effects of the increased swell as she makes her way to the rescue scene.

Update to follow.

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