Fourth Sea-Watch patrol

The new crew left early this morning for a new mission in the Mediterranean. On the 4th of August at 4 am the fourth patrol of Sea-Watch starts.

The ship has been properly equipped during the past days spent in the harbour. Rescue equipment and supplies include 4 huge bags filled with hundreds of life-vests for both adults and children, six life-rafts, nearly 950 bottles of waters for the to-be-rescued persons.

The ship is now approaching the limit of the 24 nautical miles from the Libyan coast, the contiguous zone, while sailing in international waters followed by pods of dolphins.

The latest reported position is from this morning at at 9:30 am: N 33 ° 9 ‘ 21 414 ‘ ‘ O 16 ° 9 ‘ 58 974 ”.

They will be patrolling for the next ten days in the area between the 30 and 40 nautical miles where SAR authorities and organisations as MRCC Rome and Watch the Med register the highest concentration of distress calls.

The Sea-Watch is positioned again in the middle of the Mediterranean to prevent people from being forgotten at sea.

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