4060 persons rescued in the Sicilian Channel

4060 persons rescued yesterday in the Sicilian Channel on 22 crafts among dinghies and boats. The Sea-Watch has been involved in one rescue and search operations. The migrants rescued by our crew have been handed over the “Calabrese” ship of Guardia di Finanza and disembarked in Augusta, Sicily. In the meantime, 980 persons have reached Lampedusa over night. The Sea-Watch is constantly in touch with the operational centre of the Coast Guard and on its way to its second rescue, after having been involved in a search operation with the British Navy for the whole night.


In the meantime the pressure at the European Eastern borders is high: Macedonia opened the borders with Greece. The migrants are entering in Serbia and trying to reach Ungheria and, from there, Northern Europe. The migrants who are allowed to cross are selected randomly, with the effect of separating families. The fluxes include many children and lonely women. This morning the first group of Syrians took an old train from Macedonia to Serbia. Prices for tickets are doubled. What will happen in Serbia is not clear as the latter has not opened the borders yet. In any case, for the migrants is very important to be able to take this train after weeks waiting at the border.


The main migration route is at the moment in the Eastern Mediterranean, through Turkey and Greece. Most of the migrants are Syrian refugees escaping the war. In the meantime in the Central Mediterranean the Sub-Saharan citizens cross the Sicilian Channel.

History is happening under our eyes. We are proud to have Sea-Watch actively involved in such delicate moment.

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