Concentrating efforts in the North

A week after the agreement between the EU and Turkey, the migrant flow towards Greece has considerably decreased, yet it is far from stopping. In Lesvos, the arrivals shifted from the Northern coast to the Eastern and Southern part of the island.

Only a few boats have been reported approaching the beach of Skala Sykamineas and the lighthouse of Korakas up North, which used to see arriving close to a hundred boats on a daily basis, at the end of the summer. On the other hand, everyday last week, between ten and twenty boats reached the coastal capital of the island, Mytilini.

The maritime rescue teams, including Sea-Watch, concentrated their efforts in the North so far. They are now coordinating to ensure patrolling as well the Eastern coast in front of Mytilini. On that side the sea strait separating Greece from Turkey is around 20 km, double distance than at the Northern coast.

The shift seems to be related to the strict police controls on the Turkish shores where the departures focused in the latest months. Regardless of the situation, every night from the port of Mytilini, hundreds of migrants wait for the ferry to Athens, to continue their trip towards continental Europe.

Photos Credit: 6.12.2015, Mytilini harbour @Federica Mameli


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