Live from Skala Sikamineas, Lesbos. Sea-watch crew there on stand-by

17 boats arrived. Two dead people: one child and one woman. We assisted 4 boats from 7:40 am to 1 pm.

Boat 1: Sea-Watch assisted Greenpeace International with a sinking boat. We boarded around 15 people, including one baby and one pregnant woman. We then passed them to Frontex who brought them to Molyvos.

Boat 2: Engine not running. We towed the boat to the beach.

Boat 3: Engine running, escorted to the beach.

Boat 4: Greenpeace and Frontex on site. Frontex boarded women and children and one dead woman. We passed them blankets and water. We then escorted the men left on the boat to the beach. Engine was stopping all the time but they finally made it.

A sad day. More lives lost at sea.

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