Rescue in the dark – Lesbos Update February 24th 2016

We start our night shift the day before yesterday at 11pm. A very calm night, we stay on stand-by on the boat. We keep scanning Greek coastline and by spotting a reflection of a life vest in the darkness we finally find 33 people that have been hiding between rocks for hours because they are afraid of being sent back to Turkey. They had landed in a place that is very difficult to access from land.

We manage to establish contact with them by reassuring that we are there to help.
In cooperation with Proactiva Open Arms and lifeguards we manage to take everyone on board of two RIBs and disembark in Tsonia, #Lesbos.
Everybody is safe.

This night we had 17 people on board, mostly women and small children, one baby no more than 2 months old. Without our help these people would have been left stranded on the rocks, alone and in need of help and shelter.

Sea-Watch keeps demanding:

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