Field report September 24th 2016: Fled from hell

Another day off the Libyan coast is coming to an end. The stories that were shared by the migrants on board today left the whole crew in consternation: Years of captivity and torture in Libya plus living conditions beneath human dignity have left visible – and invisible – marks: Many of the men suffer from fresh and old scars, skin diseases and infected wounds and were treated by our medical staff on board.

At our arrival some of them were so weakened they could hardly walk themselves. The 51 men are still aboard the Sea-Watch 2, waiting for a bigger vessel to pick them up and bring them to Europe. The women and children from their rubber boat were transferred to ASTRAL of Proactiva Open Arms. Equal severe mistreatment and traumas can be assumed.

We can only barely imagine what is on their minds. We wish them a life in dignity and peace. Good bye.

Photos: Oscar Schaible for Sea-Watch

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