The rough weather conditions forced the Sea-Watch to return to Lampedusa

The rough weather conditions forced the Sea-Watch to anticipate its return to Lampedusa after a very successful mission. The ship has been out for five days, of which three in the SAR operational area. During this time they have been constantly involved in search operations and provided assistance to rubber boats by providing life-vests and water.

All operations went smoothly and built on an increasingly positive collaboration with the Operational Centre of the Coast Guard, the patrol units, as well as the Irish Navy. The Sea-Watch provided assistance to three rubber boast in its first day of operations, for a total of 325 people rescued, they then assisted in the rescue of other two rubber boats in the following two days, carrying more than 100 people each.

Communication with MRCC Rome as well as the other operating units and the Sea-Watch land Team have been efficient and allowed all stakeholders to be updated on the position and activities of the Sea-Watch. The professionalism and operational skills of the project are improving, indeed, thanks to the work of the crews and of the Team in both Lampedusa and Germany. Related credibility and trust from the competent authorities and the SAR network in the Central Mediterranean are increasing accordingly.

The Sea-Watch is now back in the harbour, resting under an unexpected rain in Lampedusa. In the meantime the crew is working on preparing the ship for the next mission, which will start in about a week. That is supposed to be the last patrol of the launch season for Sea-Watch. It will host the founder of the project, Harald Höppner, on board and will be focused on internationalising the project by hosting Italian crew members and spreading awareness in Italy, the operational base of Sea-Watch.

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