The Sea-Watch is ready to leave for its 7th patrol in Central Mediterranean

The Sea-Watch is ready to leave for its seventh patrol in the Central Mediterranean. The new crew, including myself, is prepared to leave the harbour in the upcoming days. All depends on weather conditions: the Coast Guard alerted about rough sea until Thursday, when the wind will change.

This mission marks the conclusion of the “launch season” of Sea-Watch in the Central Mediterranean. The German initiative will potentially be back in the SAR area in Spring 2016, on a brand new boat with enhanced operational capacity.

Meanwhile the project is getting more and more international, thanks to the participation of foreign crew members -two Italians and two people with respectively South African and Eritrean origins in the present crew, an increased focus on Italian media and public opinion and the visibility offered by the Human Rights at Sea platform and the presence of Sea-Watch in its expanded network.

I will take part personally in the last patrol, as the former Sea-Watch’s legal adviser and blogger Daniel Shepherd did for the very first mission of the SW ship in the Mediterranean. In the meantime, the Sea-Watch camp coordinator Sandra Hammamy will support me in keeping you updated with the latest news and images of the upcoming mission.

I will be back soon with first-hand witness on the operational activity of the Sea-Watch in this summer of incredible migratory pressure and related tragedies at sea.

DSC9356 DSC9384 DSC9422 DSC9332

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