Berlin Demonstration

The whole SW Team is now reuniting in Berlin for a big demonstration taking place on October 13.

During the event one of the rubber boats rescued by SW, which has been brought to Germany as evidence, will be placed in front of the Parliament and boarded first by politicians from the German Parliament, then by 120 volunteers to simulate the traveling conditions of the migrants. That reflects, indeed, the number of passengers found on board in the open sea. The demonstration will take place in front of the Bundestag and then in the waters of Spree, the river which crosses the city. The rationale is to bring under the eyes of the European citizens what is happening on a daily basis at the southern maritime borders EU.

This catalyzing event will also serve to gather the SW members from both Germany and the operational base in Lampedusa to discuss the future of the organization. A set of meetings will delineate the new face of SW and organize the work for the upcoming months. The winter will serve to analyze the outcome of the summer’s operations, to set the necessary resources for the next season and to structure the management of the organization according to its broaden capacity.

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