A new mission: LESBOS

Sea-Watch is already working to prepare a new mission for the winter period, which consists in providing assistance in the context of migrants crossings between Turkey and Greece.

The operational base would be, this time, the Greek island of Lesbos, which has been subject to a particularly high pressure in the latest weeks. Two members are already on the on site defining the operational details of the new patrol mission. SW would operate in the area with a big tender, which is considered sufficient in light of the short, yet still deadly, trait of sea separating Turkey from Lesbos.

The SW organization is broadeining its operational area in the attempt to be present where help is needed. Despite this, the scope of the SW activities will remain based on the same simple principle of humanity and solidarity enshrined in Article 98 UNCLOS: the duty to provide assistance to people in distress at sea.

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