Sea-Watch 2 Live: Experiencing the greatest tragody in the Mediterranean Sea

Live 2:30 pm

We are today experiencing the greatest tragody in the Mediterranean Sea in all times. Operational area is full of boats, 16 are confirmed, 3 boats have already capsized, many dead. Sea-Watch 2 is currently involved in 2 cases, one stable rubber boat with 115 people aboard and one sunk boat we are attending to recover corpse. Staff is doing well.

Aboard the boats are many Syrian and Iraqi people. As we predicted, EU-Turkey-Deal is forcing the refugees to change their flight routes from Turkey to North Africa. We now see the result.

Shame on Europe.

Update 7:30 pm

Number of drowned people from today’s mission luckily turns out to be far smaller than initially expected. Our crew is still on mission.

Update 0:30 am

Today’s mission is finished after several operations.

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