Live from the Sea-Watch 2: Two days continuously in operation – Several deaths in the mission area

Live 7:00pm

We are still assisting the recovery of dead bodies that are meanwhile scattered in a wide area due to the wave movements.

Doctor Thomas Lenzen is giving a statement about the disastrous happenings of this mission day. (In German)

Live 1:00pm

Our crew just reached the scenery of a capsized wooden boat with many people on board. Several are still in the water. Number of dead unknown.

The 120 rescued people are meanwhile having some rest on our deck.

Live 11:30am: Untransparent conditions – Expecting a massive number of refugee boats


First mission in the early morning

We are today anew facing untransparent conditions in operational area. We are again expecting a massive number of refugee boats.

After evacuating a rubber boat with 120 people aboard we are now heading towards next distress call.

Sea-Eye is reporting 7 more events.



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