22. August 2016 Berlin’s Christopher Street Day gives Soul of Stonewall Special Award to Sea-Watch

The Berliner CSD e.V. awarded Sea-Watch with this prize “for their work for their passion and also for their implacability beyond German borders. The way Sea-Watch turns private individuals into life-savers is impressive and inspiring. It’s a shining example what a group of people can achieve if they follow an idea and find the courage to realize it. A single life that’s saved can save 100 more. The Sea-Watch crew saves people no matter what their origin, religion, gender or sexual preferences. For this pure humanitarian view and the unprecedented commitment of private people the organizers of Berlin CSD present Sea-Watch with the Soul of Stonewall award.”

In their honorific speech, Claudia Krüger long-time member of the queer troupe “Die bösen Tanten”, underlines: “Solidarity of the oppressed with the oppressed and prosecuted and a common resistance turned the protests of Stonewall into a success. The same kind of solidarity is the basis of today’s Sea-Watch project.”

The activist Lukas Weinspach and Sea-Watch CEO Axel Grafmanns reveived the award on the main stage in front of the Brandeburg Gate.

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