Live from the Sea-Watch 2: Captain Reinhard about yesterday’s Mission

Yesterday showed once more that sea-rescue cannot be the only solution to the humanitaran crisis in the Mediterranean Sea caused by the EU. Altough we could once again rescue the life of a few hundred people, some of them even from a wooden boat, we had to register numerous deaths. 15 people were stuck under the deck of a hugely overloaded fisherboat so that they had no chance to escape the toxic gases of the machine. This people had to die because there is no safe way to Europe. Here is a comment of our captain Reinhard responding to the happenings of yesterday:

“My day today – a day like every other here. Again the quiet falls over the sea of deaths. In a big boat with nearly 500 people, that we rescued together with the navy, we found 15 dead people stuck under the deck. How much more do the people have to suffer? The nigerian women, that we took with us on our board, were dancing and singing after their rescue. Death and the joy of living are not far away from each other here. I think that through our appearance we all gave bit of hope to the rescued people. Just today we once again looked in the eyes of 800 happy people. Now they are on their way to an uncertain freedome in Europe. Again a beautiful fullmoon is rising over the sea. It is the light for the graves of all the people who did not make it today. The sea is sparkling so peacefully. Tomorrow morning at 3 o’clock hell will be back.”

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