Live from the Sea-Watch 2: From rubber-boats which are sinking, small and large wooden boats

At 05:45 our lookout discovered a small wooden boat. In good cooperation with the Astral of Proactiva Open Arms the people were taken on board. On the ‪Sea Watch 2‬ were directly after these mission about 26 persons who are mainly from Bangladesh, including a woman and a child. Shortly after, we discovered a second small wooden boat, which the Astral took on board.

During this mission our crew gets a call from the rescue coordination center in Rome. A second wooden boat, this time however in the XL version, with 500 people on board. For our speedboat crews that means early in the morning: The day will be hard.

Tender 2 immediately set on the way to the big wooden boat. Where there is now helping in the transport of people on an Irish warship.

At the same time it goes further turbulent on the Sea-Watch 2, a sinking boat was sighted. Together with the LifeBoat and the Astral the people were completely salvaged and brought aboard the Sea-Watch. 2 At the moment we have to more than 170 guests on board, who we supply and waiting for pickup.

Our speedboats are still at the big wooden boat in use, our crew is doing well and the situation appears to be stable.

In our immediate vicinity are currently the rescue-ships Minden and Astra, and the warships James Joyce and H88.

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