Live from the Sea-Watch 2: More boats are coming

19:00: Mission Report

The second day of exhausting work in a row comes to an end:

At all six boats were sightet in the early morning hours. Three of them were provided aid by Sea-Watch crew, 40 women and 3 children were taken aboard. The other three, among two woodens boats, were evacuated by Topaz Responder from MOAS.

All migrants were finally boarded onto the a Spanish navy vessel for transport to Europe.

12:00 am: More boats are coming

In the early morning our crew was called to assist a mission with a wooden boat with reportedly about 500 people on board by the Rescue Coordination Center in Rome. When they arrived, the situation was already under control by the Topaz Responder from MOAS.

A little later ‪Sea Watch 2‬ spotted 5 rubber boats that dispersed gradually over the horizon. Our crew has supplied all boats with life jackets and is now waiting for the salvage.

The crew is fine.

Today once again many boats left Libya for the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea.
This shows how urgent legal entry routes to Europe are. As long as Europe continues its inhumane policy of isolation and exclusion, a civilian search and rescue is necessary to secure maritime escape routes.

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