Sea-Watch 2 live: Early start and no end in sight

08:30 am: No end in sight

Sea-Watch 2 has so far been engaged with 4 boats this morning. One wooden boat is already disembarked by us and MSF. Another rubber boat is getting evicted at the moment.

Two more rubber boats in sight will get disembarked by navy.

We are having around 50 men and 20 women on board right now. Everybody is in a stable and good condition, the mood is mostly positive and happy.

Everybody is from the same rubber boat but many different nationalities: Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, Liberia and others.

08-30 am- No end in sight

03:30 am: Early start

Sea-Watch 2 is already heading to a distress call, a rubber boat with 135 people on board.
Another boat is taken care of by Dignity 1 from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) .

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