Portrait of a fleeing: Amadu

Amadu fled when he was fifteen. He fled Gambia over Libya to go to Europe, now he is sixteen, turning seventeen. Both parents of Amadu died. Now he only has his two sisters left, they stay strong together, he told Sea Watch.

Still in Gambia he learned in a Nursery-Schook. He loved working with people, carrying for them; it made him feel good about himself as well. But he doesn’t get paid and could not feed his sisters. When Sea-Watch talked to him he said: „I had no perspective in Gambia there’s only poverty.“ His uncle has made it already to Britain.

Portrait of a fleeing- Amadu 2

If he hast he possibility to earn some money in Europe he would like to support his sisters in Gambia. Amadu would love to go to Germany, because “the German people are good.” He is sure, he can help there and support them, wherever and whenever he is needed. He hast he dream to finish nursery school in Germany and to start working as a nurse.

It has been a long journey for Amadu, nine month on the road. He spend eight month of them in Libya. He found work there on a construction site. When Sea-Watch asked: How is the situation in Libya?“ Amadu said: „It´s very problematic. You walk in the street and they catch you.“ „Who? The police?“ „Everybody. There is no police. Everybody has guns and threatens to kill you. I saw people being shot on the street. It is very dangerous“ –

In total Amadu tried to flee Libya three times. However only the last attempt turned out well. The two times before, he was captured by the coast guards and brought back to Libya. They then imprisoned him for a couple of weeks, and then he went back to work and tried to flee again. In the end he explains that one day, he would love to go back home to Gambia to help the people there.



Amadu was rescued on July 18, 2016 from the Sea-Watch 2 and as underage refugee transition white taken on board. There we had time to talk to him.

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