“These volunteers are trying to save desperate refugees from drowning off the coast of Libya” – Foreign Policy

This month’s Foreign Policy issue has a special focus dedicated to Sea Watch’s work :

“Twenty miles off the Libyan coast, a scrappy band of volunteers is saving thousands of lives in the Mediterranean.

In July, photographer Amnon Gutman spent 12 days on board the 50-year-old 100-foot Sea Watch 2 in Libyan coastal waters with a team of Sea-Watch volunteers — a crew comprised of doctors, engineers, and a cook, among others. During their two weeks at sea, the members remain on high alert beginning as early as 4 a.m. and lasting well into the late afternoon. Some days can involve as many as a dozen rescues or more…”

Read more : https://features.foreignpolicy.com/refugees-rescue-mediterranean-volunteers-smugglers-europe-libya/

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