Introduction of Melanie, the new intern

Militating for refugee rights and women protection, I am currently doing an MSc in Humanitarian Aid at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. As part of my studies, I have been asked to gain practical experience through an internship that I have been free to choose.

Therefore, also as part of the Erasmus + programme, I will first be doing an internship at Human Rights at Sea were I will be introduced to the legal aspects of the rights protecting people at sea. Also, I will be part of the organisation of the International Maritime Human Rights conference that will be one of the main focuses of the internship. This first part of the internship will widen my understanding and perspectives around all legal aspects surrounding the cases the charity will be busy with during this month.

After, I will be seconded by HRAS to Sea Watch where I will gain field experience. This part will imply the training that I will be given in the first part of the internship in order to document properly the events occurring during my mission on the Sea Watch 2. The HRAS-SeaWatch blog will be then regularly put up to date by me for the public to be aware of the current situation in the Mediterranean.

Finally, I will join the Sea Watch team in their Berlin office to learn more about the background that allows such great civil initiatives to exist and continue doing their wonderful job.

The success of this internship relies on many factors, but mostly on me, and I am very motivated to give the best I can to learn, but also to give.

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