Our Guests On Board

Live from the Sea-Watch 2: Our guests on board

07:00 pm

After one mission in the morning there seems to be no open case in our surrounding area. Crew is whipping the ship into shape and is finally having some rest after days of exhausting work. Despite all terrible incidents of the past days we want to share with you some photographs of lovely meetings on board.

Live 01:00 pm: 120 on board

We have by this time embarked over 120 on board of our vessel. Everyone is doing well.




Live 10:15 am: Mission continues – Overcrowded rubber boat with about 150 aboard

We are meanwhile carrying out the boarding of people from a totally overcrowded rubber boat with 150 aboard. 10 people including 8 women and 2 children have fallen into the water but are still alive, we are hurrying to rescue everybody.

There are again many boats in operational area.

We have heard of other cases nearby with people in the water.

Video (DE)

Video: © Eikon Nord 2016 · Image of yesterday (05/27/2016)

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